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For information on the layout of Venice, click here. Otherwise view our list of Recommended Hotels below.

                                        RECOMMENDED HOTELS
Hotel Name Location Bed Configuration Trip Advisor Reviews and Booking Remarks
Hotel Becher                     San Marco D,S,sofa Becher reviews from Trip Advisor  Free wifi, breakfast, perfect location and amazing reviews                
Hotel Flora San Marco D,S,S Flora reviews from Trip Advisor Breakfast in the courtyard, perfect location, wifi and A/C    
Hotel Antiche Figure On Grand Canal closer to train station K, sofa Antiche Figure reviews from Trip Advisor Palatial "Residence suite" overlooks the Grand Canal closer to the train station; luxury option but check prices for good deals

2011 Trip Advisor European hotel winner
Antica Casa Cappo                         San Marco D,S,S ACC reviews from Trip Advisor   Rooftop terrace, A/C, free wifi, breakfast, location and likely the best pricing on the list! Only 11 rooms
 Hotel al Piave  Castello          Wide variety including D,D or
4S or apartments
Piave reviews from Trip Advisor Courtyard, free breakfast, some verandas


Hotel American Dinesen Dorsoduro (far bank at the lower end of the GC)             D,S,S or 4S American Dinesen reviews from Trip Advisor Fabulous hotel in a different location .
Hotel Campiello Castello D, sofa or
 S,S, sofa
Campiello reviews from Trip Advisor Value pricing for good location and very favorable reviews
Hotel Palazzo Vitturi Castello D,S,S or
HPV reviews from Trip Advisor Quieter location on a cute square near all of the action, free breakfast
 Hotel da Bruno  Castello  D,S,S Bruno reviews from Trip Advisor   Frequently fantastic prices- check
 Centauro Hotel      San Marco  D,S,S Centauro reviews from Trip Advisor  No wifi in room, some terraces, A/C, free breakfast
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