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Rome Geography

Rome Hotels: What are we looking for and where?

Rome has a fascinating layout. When deciding where to stay, it is helpful to look at a basic map of Rome to understand the location of the major tourist attractions. Look on your map and locate the Termini, the main train station which also serves as the only cross point of the two underground train (subway/metro) lines.

The two lines form an "X" with Termini at the cross-point. All major sites lie to the west (left) of Termini: the Colosseum on Line B to the southwest and Spanish Steps and Vatican on Line A to the northwest. Between are all the major famous sites of Rome like the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain at the epicenter of historic Rome. Most tourists enter or leave through Termini (or both) and use the subway at some point to access sites.

In order to keep you close to the sites and to enable use of the subway/metro, all of the hotels listed below fall within the area to the west of Termini between the A and B lines. They are grouped to reflect this geography as follows:
  • First, hotels near Termini but on the "far" (east) side of the station (two recommended)
  • Next, hotels near Termini on the near (west) side of the station (three recommended)
  • Then, hotels progressing away from Termini toward Trevi fountain, which lies halfway between Colosseum to the south and Spanish steps to the north (three recommended)
  • Next, hotels beyond Trevi fountain toward the Pantheon (one recommended)
  • Then, hotels north of Trevi/Pantheon, near Line A - Spanish Steps (one recommended)
  • Next, hotels south of Trevi/Pantheon on the way to the Colosseum and Roman Forum, near Line B- Cavour (two recommended)
  • Finally, hotels on the other side of the Tiber river in Trastevere or by the Vatican (three recommended)

    We look for family hotels that are near the metro or within walking distance to the major sites. There are hotels outside of the area described above but the recommended area allows full access via metro or on foot to the major sites of Rome.

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