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Maps, Apps and More


    For travel to Europe, we recommend two basic forms of maps: electronic maps for smart phones and Crumpled City Maps from Maps.com.

Electronic maps favorites are covered in "Apps" below.

Crumpled City Maps are lightweight, waterproof, durable and (as the name implies) easy to crumple maps. Keep up with where you are and where you want to be without looking or feeling like a tourist. Fold to cover your area and sneak a peak whenever you want... then jam it back into your purse, pocket or bag and keep going. Not available for all cities.

Available here:

Map apps: The key to map apps is to find offline maps to avoid a second house mortgage that you might need in order to pay your phone roaming fees from using online maps. Try these:

CityMaps2Go (or the local variants such as Rome2Go , London2Go)

Believe it or not, one of the best OFFLINE maps is an ONLINE map-- Google Maps. Through a very clever, "easter egg" Google has created a way to store a map on your phone. How? Depends on your phone-
    While online (wifi connection is best), simply go to the area that you want to save (e.g., Paris) and type "ok maps" in the search bar.

    Android phone:
  • Go to Menu > Make available offline. The area selector will appear on your screen
  • Go to Maps > My Places > Offline > New offline map. A dialog will appear on your screen where you can type a region or city--like New York--to select from the map.


In addition to the Map Apps described above, here are some other favorites:

Google Translate- free and very useful for offline word assistance

TimeOut Travel Guides- city specific guides with loads of features

Subway apps- look for the terrific London tube app (www.tubemapapp.com) and the nearly as good official Paris RATP app. Both are free and provide routing and mapping offline.

Ulman city apps

London for Less

Eat Rome and Eat Florence and Eat Venice- wonderful foodie guides by food writer Elizabeth Manchilli. Not free but worth the small price.


We are strong proponents of the "travel light" experience. A backpack... a carry-on... whatever the minimum is that you can tolerate... will free you up to enjoy the experience. Re-wear clothing. Make sure everything coordinates with everything else. Don't bring it unless you are absolutely positive that you need it. Our favorites include:

Sea-to-summit packable backpack
Ex officio Give-n-Go underwear
ScotVest jackets with amazing hidden pockets
40L daypacks

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