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London Geography

London Hotels: What are we looking for and where?

We recommend staying in the heart of London with easy access to the major sites. Where is that? Look at a London map and imagine (or draw!) a square bounded on the bottom (south) and right (east) by the center-of- the-city bend in the Thames River. On the left (west) draw an imaginary line up from the river through (approximately) Earls Court tube stop. Now put a top on the box somewhere north of Hyde Park, around Paddington Station. Within this square area are all the major sites: Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, British Museum, Buckingham Palace, theater district and shopping district. The entire area is classed as Zone 1 for easy and cheap tube travel.

Popular hotel areas in the box include: Belgravia (Victoria Station), South Kensington, North Kensington, Earls Court, Russell Square, Kings Crossing/St Pancras and SoHo/Covent Garden.

We look for family hotels that are reasonably close to a tube site within this area. To us, some areas are more interesting (Russell Square) than others (Paddington) but this depends on individual preferences. Prices tend to be better at some (Paddington) than others (Covent Garden) but our goal is to find safe, clean, mid-range hotels with local ownership.

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