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 family AND QUAD HOTEL guides for europe'S MAJOR CITIES

View from the street entrance
to Hotel Elysees Union, one of
our recommended Paris hotels.

******** Newly Updated for 2014 ********

Finally, an easy way to find quad rooms and family rooms in major European cities. We did the research for you!

How does it work?


Step 1: Pick a city such as London from the drop down menu of "Major Cities" or "Cities by Country"

Step 2: Find a recommended Europe hotel with family room that interests you by using the information provided, including:

  • Location related to major sites and transportation

  • Bed configuration for quad room or family room (remember we use K for King, Q for queen, D for double, and S for single, "sofa" for sofa bed, and "bunk" for bunk beds)

  • Other special information unique to that hotel

Step 3: Click the TripAdvisor link to go directly to reviews of that hotel (they open in a new window to make it easy!)

Step 4: On TripAdvisor, check hotel prices from several major sites by simply entering travel dates (You can then specify the number in your party at one of the listed sites such as Booking.com!)

Wash, rinse and repeat (also known as "close the window and check another hotel!")


In addition, check out the awesome recommendations for services and products that can help make your trip better.


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